Wisconsinites Love Their Fish Fry!

You can’t go anywhere on a Friday night without running into someone who is either going or have been to a fish fry!

Today’s fish fry is a tradition and a staple in Wisconsin where loads of places host fish fries.  This has been an ongoing event that is year round and is especially popular during the lenten season surrounding Easter for all religious backgrounds. Fish fries are offered at bars, restaurants, diners, and just about anywhere.  A normal fish fry has the staple of beer battered fish that is either Cod, Blue Gill, Perch, Walleye and other varieties of fish depending on the location. Usually, a fish fry is served with potato pancakes or fries, coleslaw, rye bread, tartar sauce or other sides. The tradition in Wisconsin started primarily because the state was settled by Catholics who didn’t eat meat on Fridays.  Wisconsin has an abundance of lakes so fish was a natural and logical substitute.

At Grill 164, we serve our Friday  Fish Fry every week like many others.  All of our fish fries come with coleslaw, potato salad, rye bread, and your choice of french fries or homemade potato pancakes.  Baked potato’s are available for a small added cost.  We offer Cod, Bluegill, and Lake Perch that can be pan fried or deep fried in our house made breading.  We also offer a baked variety as well and a Fried Cod Sandwich. Stop by and enjoy an Oconomowoc Fish Fry at Grill 164.  We’ll see you soon!