The Pros and Cons of Eating Out for Lunch

It’s an interesting dilemma that involves eating lunch and doing your job. The question that has presented itself is whether or not it’s better to eat your lunch at your desk or take advantage of your well deserved lunch break. The reviews are mixed but this article will show the pros and cons of eating out and you can make the final decision.

The Cons of Eating Out for Lunch:
These are what could be considered the rules of lunch. Almost everyone is looking for convenience, cost-effective, and healthy lunch options. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find something that satisfies all three rules.


  • Buying Lunch is Expensive
    Probably the most popular reason for not eating out is because of the price of restaurant food. Unless you’re going to McDonald’s and ordering something off their dollar menu, restaurants are typically not cheap.
  • More People are Working from Home
    It’s a point that’s often overlooked, but the reality is, more and more people are working from home. Studies have shown that over the past ten years there has been a 24% increase in people working from. Not many of those people are going to go out special for lunch when their refrigerator is six feet away.
  • Less Control Over Your Diet
    From a healthy, calorie checking perspective, it’s definitely easier to bring your own lunch to work. Some restaurants do provide calorie information on their menus but what you see is what you get.
  • Time Concerns: Lots of people in the working world today have a lot of work to do (go figure.) Employees might not want to spend the time to go out for lunch when they can eat something quick at work.


The Pros of Eating Out for Lunch
The last con of eating out for lunch is a perfect introduction to the positive side of the matter. The number one reason for going out to lunch is being out of the office.


  • Being Out of the Office
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Charts from the American Time Use Survey, 2016) the time used on an average work day is 8.8 hours of working and related activities. That’s 44 hours a week, roughly 272.8 hours a month, and an overestimate of  3,121 hour a year (not counting any time off.) The point is, people who work hard need a break and there are many benefits of that need alone.
  • Gives Your Brain a Moment to Rest
    It seems like common sense that if you are constantly working you are more likely to become fatigued. In today’s society a lot of people aren’t concerned with that fact. But your brain needs a chance to refocus in order for you to become a more productive worker.
  • It Boosts Your Creativity
    Believe it or not, enjoying your meal outside the office can stimulate your thinking and boost your creativity. Being in a different environment can help spark fresh ideas rather than being cooped up in your office all day.
  • Create Better Work Relationships
    A side advantage of going out to lunch with coworkers is that it presents a perfect icebreaker for new employees to get to know more about the company and its employees. Overall, it’s a good idea to bond with fellow coworkers. It makes your work experience more enjoyable and promotes better teamwork which is essential for the growth of any company.
  • Try New Foods
    One of the underlying benefits of going out to lunch is the different possibilities available to you. This is suggesting that you don’t have to go out every single day because likewise, you could end up bringing the same kinds of food from home. That’s why going out provides variety and it’s alway good to change things up once in awhile.  


These are some of the pros and cons to eating out for lunch. So the next time you find yourself looking down at your garden salad with disinterest or you feel overwhelmed with work, remember the importance of your lunch break. Take a breather, try something new, and try going out to enjoy your next meal.