Eating Local Feels Right

One of the great things about Oconomowoc is the amount of restaurants that we have to choose from. Our one of kind community has many local restaurants that might just house one of the best dining experiences you’ve ever had. Did you ever ask yourself, why should I support a local restaurant instead of that familiar chain down the street? Here are some differences between the chains and local restaurants.

When you go to a chain style restaurant, you’re likely going into an environment that is systemized and repeated at every restaurant across the nation.  The restaurant my offer levels of convenience and familiarity that may have them be a choice for the night out.  They stand out in your mind because they are you have seen their ads on TV or the internet and in many cases the service is standardized so that every time you go you know what you’re in for. At a chain restaurant, you may feel rushed and like you have to finish your meal as soon as possible in order for the next party to come in. At a chain restaurant, the manager will come check on you maybe once out of the ten times you go there.

When you dine locally; you’re walking into an environment that has been built by the owners and their team based on experiences and long hours..  You’re walking into a way of life and a passion from the establishment’s owner to serve their community with the best dining experience they can while supporting the local economy.  The local restaurant settings are a place to reconnect with people from the area for a night out and where the staff establishes relationships with its patrons who visit again and again.  In almost every instance; the owner is there to talk to, shake hands with, and listen to your feedback in order to provide its patrons with the best service and environment possible while making you the best food possible like it was made at your home.

There are differences between chain style restaurants and locally owned and operated ones.  While everybody works hard at both of them, the feel surrounding a restaurant that is from the hometown is something special.  A place where we all need to visit and return to support for many years to come.