Best Winter Comfort Foods?

Winters can be hard but there’s nothing like a warm meal to cheer you up and get you through the day. Here are some ideas for the best comfort foods to indulge in this winter:

  1. Grilled Cheese
    Let’s talk about grilled cheese. Personally, anything with cheese could be deemed as a worthy comfort food, especially here in the dairy state. One of the staples for a delightful comfort food is a grilled cheese sandwich. The beauty of these simplistic sandwiches is that they can easily be experimented with. There are plenty of cheeses to be added or substituted, so you don’t have to stick with a classic cheddar sandwich if you don’t want. You can add tomato and bacon, even pineapple or kale if you’d like. There’s no doubt that grilled cheese sandwiches are a must for winter days because of their customization and filling abilities.


  1. Fried Chicken
    Fried chicken with a side of mashed potatoes comes in fourth for comfort foods. This is a hearty meal that can be embellished with spices to further warm you from the inside, out. This is often seen as the perfect classic Southern meal that has become loved across the country. Crispy, skillet-fried chicken is a flavorful favorite that far exceeds fast food fried chicken in a bucket.


  1. Lasagna
    Lasagna is a great dish that can both warm and fill you up. This dish is classically constructed with tomato sauce, ground beef or vegetables, and cheese stacked between sheets of pasta. Lasagna is thought be be one of the oldest pasta dishes around, dating back to ancient Greece. This pasta favorite doesn’t have the Italian origins like most might believe. Thought to be derived from the Greek word, “laganon” meaning, flat sheet of pasta cut into strips; lasagna didn’t receive its modern name until centuries later when Italy perfected the art of layering pasta.


  1. Chili Soup
    The combination of chili and soup is the ultimate comfort food for a cold winter’s day. There are plenty of chili recipes out there that are suitable for any food connoisseur. A classic chili recipe consists of ground meat—this can be beef or turkey, olive oil or vegetable oil, green peppers, tomatoes, chopped onions, celery, garlic cloves or powder, and kidney beans. To turn your chili into a delectable soup, you can simmer your ingredients in either tomato soup or beef broth. Chili soup provides protein and a good veggie intake as well. Soup of any kind has a hearty quality that is sure to please. Adding in the plentiful ingredients of chili makes this a lovable comfort food favorite.


  1. Mac and Cheese
    As mentioned before in a previous blog, (The History Behind Five of America’s Favorite Foods, 2017) mac and cheese has been a long time favorite dish in America. It’s ironic to think about how iconic this simple butter, pasta, and cheese dish has become. Simple ingredients make for a delicious meal that anyone can enjoy. Its simplicity also lends to creativity. What better time to spice things up than on a chilly winter day? Cooking can warm up the house and mac and cheese is known for its bake recipes.

You could make a macaroni and cheese casserole and add in some peppers or peas for extra flavor. Or if you wanted to think a little outside the box, you could add mac and cheese with other comfort foods. Mac and cheese grilled cheese, mac and cheese pizza, and chicken fried mac and cheese are just a few examples. This website has a whole list of ways to incorporate mac and cheese with other dishes,

These are some of the best foods to have when the weather gets you down. Even if you’re a lover of the cold season, there’s nothing quite like a good warm meal to brighten your day.